Conduct your seminars virtually. Various tools are available
like videos, Powerpoint, Graphics and 3D Objects. Direct live only works with one room, i.e. limited visitors. You can present a recorded performance in a room and and also join discussions afterwards. So you can give appearances with a delay and serve several interested parties

Ideal for questions and discussions. The best feeling is in Virtual Reality

Live or Recorded Performing

Direct live only works with one room, i.e. limited visitors. Direct live has the best feeling and possibilities. Live performances are also broadcasted with video streams and previously recorded sessions will be transmitted. A good live feeling are transparent video presentation is with green screen recorded videos. They give the feeling that the artists are there without the need to create complex 3D figures.

Things You Need To Know About Virtual Seminars

The best performance for a visitor is in virtual reality, this is the only way to create a real feeling of being there. For PC and mobile phones, we recommend visiting the concert with headphones for better hearing performance. The screen is small on the smartphone. The view can be changed with the movement of the mobile phone, but holding up the smartphone for a whole seminar is exhausting. The performance depends on the used devices, the internet connection and the number of visitors and the complexity of the environment.


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