Publishing products virtually is a good way of selling a product to interested parties. Appearances can be sold with sales. Animations can be used to highlight the product.  Questions can be answered directly or clients interests recorded.
A good way is to provide an external virtual experience which the visitor can visit afterwards.

Virtual product releases are good for creating a personal connection,when combined with an experience, generate interest.


There are many ways and possibilities that can be used. 3D objects, video, live broadcasts, animations, experiences and more. The creative ideas can be given free rein. If it is not possible in the hub, it can also be realized through an external experience.

Things You Need To Know About Virtual Product Releases

The best performance for a visitor is in virtual reality, this is the only way to create a real feeling of being there. For PC and mobile phones, we recommend to visit the product releases with headphones for better hearing performance. The screen is small on the smartphone. The view can be changed with the movement of the mobile phone, but holding up the smartphone for a whole launch is exhausting. The performance depends on the used devices, the internet connection and the number of visitors and the complexity of the environment.


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