Perform a music events virtually – it can be played live or recorded to present to the audience. The virtual venue can be adapted to a special theme, the band or a product.
For example, the environment for an opera can be recreated from the real stage or from a fictitious location. Furthermore, it is possible to change during the play.
You have also the possibility to present a large orchestra.
At an electronic dance music party, lighting effects or illusions are displayed, synchronously with the music.
At a rock concert, accessories such as lighters with a flame are given to visitors during the performance.
In addition different floors with different music styles are available for the visitors for an electronic festival.
A Stand up comedian gets a feeling like being in one room.

VIP areas are also available, where the artists can meet the visitors afterwards.

One of the best ways is to use green screen recorded transparent videos.

Live or Recorded Performing

Live performance can be broadcasted with video streams. Previously recorded sessions can also be transmitted. One with a good live feeling are in green screen recorded sessions as transparent videos. They give the feeling that the artists are there without the need to create complex 3D figures.

Things You Need To Know About Virtual Concerts

The best performance for a visitor is in virtual reality, this is the only way to create a real feeling of being there. For PC and mobile phones, we recommend to visit the concert with headphones for better hearing quality. The screen is small on the smartphone. The view can be changed with the movement of the mobile phone, but holding up the smartphone for a whole concert is exhausting.  The performance depends on the used devices, the internet connection and the number of visitors as well as the complexity of the environment. Due to the limited number of visitors, the concert feeling is more like a private concert than a large event.


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