Off course are all working and communications online, not physical!
Planning and creating

The Preparation

  • Event defining, planning, concepting
    We will plan the event together, check ideas for feasibility and benefits. We define with you how to achieve the goal
  • Building and creating elements and functions
    Environment and elements are created, functions are integrated and tested.
  • Instruct
    We instruct you and your employees, and you will learn how to work with hubs.
Live entertaining and perform

The Event

  • Hubs and users
    Max. 25 people can stay in one hub, but any number of identical (cloned) hubs can be made available. The appearances are simultaneously broadcasted, and the number of visitors can be increased if required.
  • Broadcasting
    It is also possible to use video broadcasting for live performances. A good way is greenscreen recorded sessions.
  • Exhibitions
    Products, arts, services are presented, and the artists, sellers and information desk can be on site. Multiple hubs allow an employee to call elements for serving visitors.
They are dynamic costs

The Costs

  • Environment
    One part of the costs concerns the creation of the environment, elements and functions.
  • Connections
    The connection costs will arise from the number of visitors and the duration of the event. The connection costs can be limited.
  • Services
    Technical support is included while the event is taking place. Another point is in case our services are used during the event.
No installation, runs direct in the browser

The Devices

  • Virtual Reality
    The best device for an event, the best feeling right in the middle.
  • Computer
    The event can be attended with a computer via the browser. A microphone is required to communicate.
  • Smartphones
    It is also possible to use smartphones with browser to attend an event. Only disadvantage may be that the screen is too small, but there is a microphone and speaker.
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