Virtual Exhibition Virtual Exhibition

Realize your virtual trade shows, a product launch event or an art exhibition

Virtual Concert Virtual Concert

Organize your virtual concert or for a release of a new album, edm or apres ski party.

Virtual Seminar Virtual Seminar

Organize a seminar with following a discussion round afterwards. or initiate a training day.

Our Demo Events are online

Visit the Demo Gallery and the transparent Video Explain-Show

The best way to understand what we offer is to try it out. Visit our Demo Gallery and the transparent Video Explain-Show at

Oculus Quest users: The oculus browser currently has a bug, the video not working. In the meantime, use the Firefox reality or  the firefox browser via the oculus link!

We managing your

Virtual Events

Info Event

Conduct your seminars virtually. Various tools are available like videos, Powerpoint, Graphics and 3D Objects.

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Perform a music events virtually - it can be played live or recorded to present to the audience. The virtual venue can be adapted to a special theme, the band or a product.

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Exhibit works of art to look at. Especially pictures work well. You can talk to interested visitors about your art and provide them information.

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Trade Shows

Virtual trade shows are a good opportunity to get in contact with clients and to present them products and services, answer questions and to build or maintain relationships.

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Conduct your seminars virtually. Various tools are available like videos, Powerpoint, Graphics and 3D Objects.

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Product Launches

Publishing products virtually is a good way of selling a product to interested parties. Appearances can be sold with sales. Animations can be used to highlight the product.

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We offer you a complete virtual event, we take care of everything. Your event will be accessible online under the domain*randigit*/your-event-name. The event is based on Mozilla Hubs and is in Virtual Reality and can be visited with Computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

  • Custom environments
    Different environments can be used and especially created for events.
  • Custom Avatars
    There are already existing Avatars or also special Avatars can be created.
  • Ticket Service
    A Ticket service can be deployed in order to see how the interest of the event is and to limit the event.
  • Selectable Services
    There are different services which we offer for the event in addition to the basic.
  • Scalable
    It is possible to scale up the server
  • Technical support
    We are here as technical supporters for your event.

Mozilla Hubs is free for use. You can make your own event without us.

If you need more

Additional Services

Some services are only available in Switzerland. If you need something which is not listed than please contact us.


We create your custom environment, facilities, objects, appearance.


We create your custom avatars that fits to your event.


We program your special event functions.

Greenscreen Recording

With us you can have your appearance recorded for transparent videos

in Switzerland

Live Broadcasting

We also record your performance broadcast live if needed.

in Switzerland
You are an Agency

Partner Service

We take care of the technical part and support you to organize events for your clients. The event url is neutral,  it has not a direct connection with us.
Also possible is that we setup for you your own Mozilla Hubs Cloud

Meet us virtual in SROM.TOWN

All around

The Event

Almost all kind of events are possible where people come together. There are different ways and possibilities to organize an event. Whether this are music events like concerts, parties or also exhibitions like trade shows, art exhibitions, product launches and a seminar as well as public talks. Finally for everything where interested people come together.

There are already made environments to be used which can be adapted to your appearance with little effort.
An environment can also be created especially for your event.

Existing avatars can be used but it is also possible to create extra

Special functions can be programmed in additional to the basic functions. Like employee calls points and visitor specific actions.

We offer an all-round service. It can be selected individually which one is required. We also offer support services during the event.

External experiences are available to the visitor.

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